Managing Cookies

The website uses cookies to operate the website, facilitate its use, track activities performed on the website, and display relevant offers.

Please read this document carefully and only use the website’s services if you agree with all its points and accept them as binding for you (hereinafter referred to as the User). Please note that this policy applies only to cookie management on the specific website.
What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small data packet stored in the browser by online services. It is an essential technology for providing efficient and modern user experiences, supported by all modern browsers.

How is a Cookie Generated?

First, the client’s machine sends a request to the server. The server creates a unique identifier, stores it in its database, and then sends the generated cookie back to the client with all the necessary information. The received cookie is then stored on the client’s machine.

How is a Cookie Utilized?

When the client’s machine reconnects with the server, it matches the previously created and stored cookie. The server compares the received cookie with its stored content. This allows for easy identification of, for example, a logged-in registered user. Without this process, it would not be possible to log into a website, for instance.

What Cookies are Used on the Website and for What Purposes?

The website uses cookies for the following purposes:

● Website development
● Facilitating your navigation on our website and the use of its features, ensuring a smooth user experience
● Gathering information about how you use our website, assessing which parts of the website you visit or use the most, in order to provide you with an even better user experience on your next visit
● Improving the user experience on your subsequent visits to our website
● Placing targeted advertisements on other websites
● Distinguishing and identifying browser users
● Tracking activities performed on the website to deliver messages about offers specifically tailored to your interests or important to you.

Types of Cookies

1. Essential cookies

These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website, make its use easier, and collect information about its usage without identifying visitors. They include storing calculator usage values, cookie acceptance status, login methods and data, website notification message status, and reduced-functionality Google Analytics code. Please note that without these cookies, we cannot guarantee a comfortable use of our website.

2. Statistical cookies

We use these cookies to improve our website and enhance user experiences. They allow us to gather information about how visitors use our website. These cookies do not personally identify you and collect information such as the visited pages, clicked sections of the website, number of page visits, duration of each session, and any error messages encountered.

3. Performance cookies

These performance cookies include Google Analytics cookies. For further information about Google Analytics cookies, please visit:

Performance cookies also include Google Optimize cookies. More information about Google Optimize cookies can be found here:

4. Targeting and advertising cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to display advertisements on websites that are more relevant and interesting to you. These cookies do not personally identify you without your consent. They collect information such as the visited pages, clicked sections of the website, number of page visits, to understand your interests and provide content that matches your preferences.

However, if you have given your consent, we may combine the information collected during website usage tracking with your personal data. This helps us tailor our marketing communication to your needs and present you with personalized offers.

Advertising Cookies Used by Our Website Providers:

Google AdWords
For detailed information about this service, please visit the following link.