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Chaos, the ancient embodiment of the gaping dark void, ignited with immeasurable rage towards humanity for their disrespect towards Gaia and their godless self-destructive greed. Thus, he swore vengeance with Kronos to completely obliterate humanity for eternity and usher in the Age of Gods. Hades and Ares joined the ultimate plan, in which Chaos tore through the space between mythologies to unleash the world’s most destructive monsters upon humanity. Only 9 Gods can confront the unstoppable army. Strengthen 9 Gods and defeat the most devastating mythological creatures. Due to the countless horde of monsters, you always have to fight against 3 at a time. But beware! If one or more Gods are among your opponents, your chances drastically diminish. Only the most steadfast can emerge victorious against 3 Gods.

Explosive Money Games
What is it stand for?

Our goal was to create an atmospheric game that will take you on a mystical journey, suitable for competition due to its competitive nature, with which you can earn real money in the game.

Lead your Gods into the final battle…

…against the most dangerous monsters…

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